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Dog Health Certificates
Health certificates - both standard and interstate - are issued by each individual state and are obtained from licensed veterinarians . If your dog is traveling across state lines, be aware of the different entry regulations for each state and request an interstate certificate from your veterinarian along with signed copies.

 When buying a puppy you ALWAYS want to get a health certificate from the breeder and their vet. NEVER take a dog with our this document. also you want to make sure it is less then 3-4 days old. Puppies are just like kids one day they can feel find but then the next day they can be sick. 

The one below is an example

  • A health certificate states that your dog is free from infectious diseases ONLY... at the time of the exam.

Generally It will NOT tell you if they puppy is carry a genetic issue

  • If you are purchasing an animal, we strongly recommend that you request that an actual physical examination be conducted by a qualified veterinarian. This additional measure will insure that you are buying a healthy animal and avoid any difficulties that might arise during transport or after arrival.


  • If you are using a commercial transport service (ground or air) the USDA regulations state: A health certificate issued within 10 days of shipment must accompany any dog, cat, or non-human primate that is transported in commerce by a (USDA) licensee or registrant.


  • Each state has is own regulation about sending a puppy into it. You will need to check and it if there are certain things the breeder must do in order to send a puppy into your state. Any puppy older then 12 weeks old must also have a rabies shot. Before being flown.








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 Insure Your Pet's Health For Pennies A Day!



Insure Your Pet's Health For Pennies A Day!dd




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